Blockbuster bids for Circuit City

Blockbuster is attempting to purchase electronics chain Circuit City, informs Variety. The cash offer of $6 - $8 a share was made February 17, only now becoming public because Blockbuster wants Circuit City shareholders to weigh-in on the matter. The response from Circuit City is that it will “carefully consider and evaluate” the offer, while adding that “fundamental questions” remain. Among those questions is the matter of how Blockbuster will fund the $1 billion acquisition.

14Apr2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Fundraiser for ailing film critic D.K. Holm

Cinematical spreads the word of a fundraiser for D.K. Holm, an author, contributor to Kevin Smith’s Quick Stop Entertainment site, and film critic for Vancouver Voice. Unfortunately, Holm has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. As is the case with one-sixth all Americans and most freelance writers, he does not have health insurance. While the cancer is treatable, it will cost thousands of dollars in chemotherapy and surgery.

Hence, some of Holm’s friends are throwing a benefit to help him. The fundraiser will take place at Portland’s best independent movie house, Cinema 21, on April 27. For further details on this important cause, please visit here.

13Apr2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Tetris - The Movie trailer

Black20 screens an interesting fan project: a trailer for a non-existent movie based on the classic video game Tetris. Thomas Seymour directed the video, written by Mike O’Gorman. Surprisingly, no computer animation was used for the trailer. Instead, models, traditional animation and a green screen were employed.

12Apr2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Rachel Dawes believes in Harvey Dent

Gotham City Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, has announced her support behind Harvey Dent for Gotham City District Attorney. Slashfilm presents the video, which is the latest act of the intriguing Dark Knight viral campaign. The Dark Knight will open in theaters on July 18.

7Apr2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Take a “Vacation with Pitka”!

The official website for The Love Guru now allows visitors to upload pictures of themselves, which will then be integrated with images of Guru Pitka. The resulting photograph is a souvenir from one’s own imaginary adventure with the Mike Myers character. To see an example of such a photograph, as provided by Paramount Pictures, please click here.

Meanwhile, Guru Pitka has set up his own MySpace page. One of the most humorous aspects of the page is the gallery showcasing him with celebrities of the past and present.

5Apr2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Eric Tan unveils Raiders artwork

As noticed by /Film, artist Eric Tan has crafted an exciting poster for Raiders of the Lost Ark, inspired by a retro propaganda style. For $150, one may own this beautiful piece of artwork, presented by Indiana Jones Shop as part of a new series of limited edition fine art lithographs by Acme Archives. “My idea here was to create something that looked as if it came out when the movie took place, circa 1936,” elaborates Tan. “I was heavily influenced by Mexican film posters from the 30’s & 40’s. They had that western/dramatic/action feel nailed down.”

5Apr2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Dark Knight campaign readying for April Fool’s Day?

/Film summarizes the recent developments in the Dark Knight viral campaign. First of all, there appears to be a string of new phone messages. Transcriptions for the calls may be read at the noted site.

However, the most intriguing aspect of these updates appears to be a surprise waiting to be unveiled tomorrow, April Fool’s Day. A new site,, mysteriously hints that April 1st may hold something special for Batman fans.

31Mar2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Web host suspends anti-Koran film’s site

Due to complaints, Network Solutions has suspended the site of the short film Fitna, reports Yahoo!/Reuters. From Islam critic and Dutch right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders, the 15-minute feature is said to be critical of the Koran. The title of project, Fitna, references the Koranic term sometimes translated as “strife.”

23Mar2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

Revolution for low-budget filmmaking

BBC News highlights the increasing popularity and accessibility of low-budget filmmaking. From camcorders to editing software, the price of creating a professional-looking motion picture is considerably lower than it once was. Furthermore, thanks to video-sharing sites such as YouTube, getting one’s masterpiece viewed by many people is likewise easier.

16Mar2008 | Josh E Armstrong | Continued

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