“For as long as I can remember, I’ve held an interest in the entertainment industry. It was something of which I could never learn enough. As a boy, I would find various magazines and TV shows dedicated to the latest showbiz news, wishing that I could someday find a way to broadcast such reports myself.

ConversationalBall.com was launched in January 2008. The site was created to provide the latest in mainstream and independent entertainment news, while also serving original interviews with various artists in those areas.

The name ‘Conversational Ball’ is a tribute to a teacher who tremendously inspired me when I was in high school. Being a quiet, shy young person back then, I was a prime example of an introvert. Therefore, this teacher would always try to encourage me to be more outgoing. In doing such, he would often provide this piece of advice:

All you’ve got to do is toss the conversational ball.  That’s all you’ve got to do, Josh.  Just toss the conversational ball.

Hence, ‘Conversational Ball’ was chosen as the title of my site. Whether reporting the latest news to help you toss the ball with fellow entertainment fans, or tossing the ball myself with various folks via interviews, I hope you enjoy your visit here. As always, thank you very much for reading!”

- Josh E. Armstrong